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Klasse 271 /272

DA 271           DA 272

271-Single needle lockstitch machine with bottom feed for universal use
Also in fine fabrics the state-of-the-art sewing kinematics of the 271-140342 allows exemplary lockstitching. Even when sewing at maximum speed, with lowest thread tension and minimum thread strain every stitch is completed with precision and uniformity. Seam backtacking, thread trimmer and sewing foot lift of the 271-140342 are operated via the foot pedal. All functions are controlled electromagnetically so that the machine can everywhere be used without compressed air. The integrated DC direct drive enables a smooth and quiet running and guarantees a sensitive operation, especially when sewing "stitch in stitch". All in all, the 271-140342 is a machine that should be the bases of productivity and quality in every plant
272-Single needle lockstitch machine with bottom feed and needle feed for the universal use
The combination of bottom feed and needle feed of the lockstitch machine 272 ensures absolutely displacement-free seams in thick and thin material. As in case of all machines of the 270 series, the sophisticated sewing kinematics provides an exemplary stitch pattern, even at maximum speed and with minimum thread tension and stress. Because of its durable, robust and service-friendly design the 272 should be available as basic machine wherever trousers, jackets and coats are produced. With integrated sewing drive.
Klasse 382

DA 382

Twin needle lockstitch machine with needle feed, intermittent top puller feed and individually engageable needle bars