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Standard Sewing Machines
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M-Type (Made by Duerkopp-Adler)
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RE-NEWED Longarms
Factory made
Rebuilt Sewing Machines
RE-NEWED Longarm Machines factory made

Van Dam Industrie is a specialist for extension of the Durkopp-Adler cl. 467 and cl. 767 short arms

Only secondhand frames are used in our production-process. The availability is guaranteed, if customers consider to buy a re-newed longarm.


We built single needle and twin needle long arm machines with alternating transport.
The machines are worked over and built up completely new. Best quality assured. The two needle version is available with various needle distance.
We keep a small continuing production of 4 types a month.
Delivery time is min. 2 days and max. 6 weeks.
Finished Product factory made
Technical department: