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Klasse 267

DA 267 373           DA 267 273

The class 267 can be used as basic sewing machine for the most different operations in the entire medium-weight application range. Versatility is its main advantage. A great variety of further equipment is available for the preparation of certain operations. The bottom feed, needle feed and alternating foot top feed in connection with the high sewing foot stroke ensure an excellent material feed, which is a condition for an impeccable sewing result. Even thickest sewing threads are processed in a convincing quality due to the sewing kinematics especially adapted to the field of application.
Klasse 069/269
DA 069 373           DA 269-373
069-Single needle lockstitch free-arm machine for light-weight to medium-weight applications
The manufacture of three-dimensional workpieces, as e.g. bags and shoes, places special demands also on the sewing technology. The manifold operations like binding, welting, assembling and topstitching are professionally realized with the class 69. The free-arm design guarantees a material handling without any problems. The proven sewing technology with bottom feed, needle feed and alternating top feed produces displacement-free seams of high quality. A multitude of equipment variants makes the 69 a universal talent for light-weight to medium-weight applications
269-Single needle lockstitch free-arm machine with bottom feed, needle feed, alternating foot top feet and large vertical hook
Three-dimensional workpieces from the medium-weight application range are the speciality of class 269. The free-arm construction ensures an easy handling; the bottom feed, needle feed and alternating foot top feed guarantee an absolutely reliable material feed. The machine is available as single needle and as twin needle version. There is various sewing equipment for welting, topstitching and assembling operations, e.g. on bags and suitcases. The twin needle version is mainly used in the manufacture of filters.