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Van Dam Industrie BV
Van Dam Industrie BV Is a trading company specialized in industrial sewing machines and committed in developing special new
 products  factory made. 
 We sell mainly Durkopp-Adler sewing machines, new as rebuilt as well.
 We are specialists in selling modifying, developing special new products factory made, as well as maintenance
 of industrial sewing machines and related equipment.
 We are always looking for custom-built and affordable solutions, that’s why we reintroduced the
 Durkopp-Adler  366-76 longarm, the heaviest zig zag in the world.
 In Holland we are the number one company for extension of
 sewing machines, such as the Durkopp-Adler 467-65-FA-373 and 767-65-FA-373
In 30 years, the company has acquired a leading position in a specific discipline; the upholstery business, sailmakers, leather goods, automotive,- and mattressindustry.
Brand label DA
Van Dam Industrie is an independent specialist in high quality machines.
Beside Duerkopp-Adler machines, we sell our own brand DA machines.
To assemble sewing machines in our workshop, we have direct contact with certificated main manufactures.
We frequently trade in industrial sewing machines.
These machines can be offered to our customers at a very attractive price.
For Dürkopp Adler machines that have been traded in, we only offer overhauling refurbished machines with the same guarantee as new ones
We have been supplying machines to sailmakers around the world for a number of years.
The experience gathered in this industry, guarantees you for a good advise.
We keep extensive stocks of machines and parts. the workshop is fully equipped with all the necessary testing and measuring equipment.
Our mechanics are always standing by to ensure that customers' production processes continue to operate optimally.